Rehman Rashid

Rehman (he/him) is a Pakistan/Australian actor who is passionate about telling stories through stage/screen that represent diversity and acceptance.

Rehman first came to Australia in 2011 on a scholarship and after completing his degree in Accounting, then his CA certification and working as an Accountant, he felt like corporate world is not what makes him happy. He always had this penchant for self expression through art and crafts. During lockdowns he enrolled for a beginners acting course with a Sydney based drama school and after the first class, he knew that this is what he wanted.
Rehman is an emerging artists who has done some student films and is looking forward to start his career as an actor and make a difference to the society by doing projects that leave some positive impact behind. Rehman is a big advocate of acceptance and peace. He loves drama, comedy and psychological thrillers.
 In his spare time he does pottery and shares that with friends and family. He also knows some basics of pencil sketching and loves to draw humans and express their emotions through his drawings.

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