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The HubStudio is a resource and development centre for emerging actors, working professional actors and creatives. We are here to empower actors and creatives to achieve their dreams by providing goods and services that advance their careers on a daily basis. We are not a drama school, we are an incubator – a Hub. Come Join Us. 

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We fundamentally believe that emerging, and professional actors and creatives need a home, a place they can get the skills, tools and resources they need to continue to operate in their chosen field. We call it collective capitalism and at the core of that idea is a need to create a generation of Creative Entrepreneurs capable of sustaining their own work, developing their own careers and taking control of their own destiny.

The World has changed. The way entertainment is consumed now is far more in the hands of the individual than it ever was. On both sides of the screen. We want to provide a place where motivated professionals and emerging actors can join our professional community at an affordable price so we can share ideas, use resources, gain knowledge and move the industry forward – together.

Eventually our vision is to have a multi levelled venue with rehearsal rooms, hot ‘desking’ offices, edit suites and a late night cafe/bar. A vertically integrated studio capable of skills maintenance, career development, production development and eventually actualisation. We see ourselves as a multi-focused 21st century production company, and under that pretence most definitely not a drama school. Currently the studio provides space hireskills maintenance, career development, script readings and resources for actors and creatives in both Perth, Sydney & Melbourne. We currently offer over 20 different courses in Film, Theatre, Improvisation, Body & Voice, with a two 20Wk programs and one full year part time program. We’d like to welcome all of you to come with us.

We think it’s vital Australian working actors have a home where they can practice their craft, retain their skills and feel connected. The HubStudio is your home as a professional actor and creative to maintain your skills

For most professional actors in Sydney, not working on set or stage, there is been no place to-go-to to be a working professional actor to practice your craft, find the people and resource you need. Until now! We might or might not be movie stars, and roles will come and go, but that definition of ourselves will never fade. We want to change the mindset of actors, by giving us a place to be actors more often. We want actors to know in themselves what that means and what it takes.  We want to create a studio space capable of up skilling and connecting actors and creatives; providing them the resources and skills they need to develop their careers on a daily basis; not a drama school, an incubator, a Hub!

We know for a fact at the studio, that our members feel more connected, book more work, feel better prepared and less intimated in auditions and rehearsals, in foyers and (for many) in life in general; and why… because their apart of something they can control. They have a place to be a professional working actor, feel connected and involved, important and professional. It’s not rocket science; it’s social science. Its fact. The HubStudio courses are your opportunity to hone your skills, to practice your craft and keep the ‘muscle’ working – a professional actors gym. The studio concept is well engrained in the psyche of the U.S. and U.K. actor and we see no reason why it shouldn’t be the case in Australia, in fact we think it’s the missing link.

Meet The Team

Oliver Wenn

Company Director & Facilitator

Oliver is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting. He is both an actor and producer having worked on various shows over the years including the stage musical of The Sapphires which he has acted in on and off for over ten years, and Risky Lunar Love a large scale independent musical in 2008 and The Bench an award-winning five part web-series shot in conjunction with Easy St Entertainment. Oliver has a range of experience running various enterprises, from production to development of new work as well as his day to day commitments as founder and Director of The HubStudio. Oliver has appeared as an actor in many TV shows and commercial work as well as stage and screen. 

His notable appearances include an international three year tour as the lead male on The Sapphires with Black Swan an Belvior Theatre companies, the lead in Martin McDonough’s Pillow Man and Edward Albee’s Zoo Story. He has also worked for Deck Chair Theatre, Performing Lines, & Griffin Theatre Companies. His television appearances include Home & Away, Packed To The Rafters, Power Games, Rake, Top Of The Lake: China Girl, Peter Allen : Not The Boy Next Door, and The Secret Daughter. In film Oliver has recently appeared in I Met A Girl currently on Netflix as well as Escape & Evasion by Bronte Pictures also on Netflix. Oliver has appeared in various commercial campaigns for UberEats, Toyota, McDonalds and FoxSport. In 2019 & 20 Oliver reprised his role of Dave Lovelace as part of a new two year tour of The Sapphires throughout Australia with HIT Productions, and was the co-lead for a SBS funded short film, Tribunal. His most recent roles are in the new Australian comedy feature How To Please A Woman, directed by Renée Webster and starring Sally Philips, and the next major tour of The Sapphires nationally throughout Australia in 2022.

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Natalie Rees

Company Director & Business Development Manager

Natalie is a founding partner and Director of The HubStudio. She holds a double degree in Japanese and Journalism from Curtin University,  Western Australia. She has also been involved as an actor across the board, working in film and theatre since early 2000. Natalie is passionate advocate for Women’s rights and Woman’s health in general. She is currently producing and developing a verbatim theatre project on the subject of Motherhood. For The HubStudio, Natalie is responsible for courses, strategy and client relationships; having implemented a number of key strategies for the business. 

  • For a full list of Natalie’s acting credits click here.

Kristella Finocchiaro

Administration and Marketing Assistant / Sydney Studio Manager

Kristella comes to us from a background in dance and music, thus having naturally developed an interest in acting; particularly in Musical Theatre. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Music. She is currently training in Ballroom dancing, is involved in a community choir and is also an emerging songwriter. Kristella also has an interest in using her artistic passions to create and brighten the life of those in aged care facilities, hospitals and medical treatment facilities, currently putting a show together for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Her role at the Hub is invaluable, she oversees the odds and ends to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. 

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