Jagmeet Sidhu

Jag has appeared as an actor in main and supporting roles in several Hindi and Punjabi theatre productions in India. Jag has trained at AFTRS, NIDA and The Hub with some of the prominent industry trainers. He has also worked as a production assistant in a Bollywood movie which was shot in Australia in 2015. Born in India, Jag grew up in a milieu where accent was on total personality development and he took up acting backing his passion and instinct. He is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and English. Having studied and worked in India, UK and Australia has increased Jag’s wealth of knowledge and his cultural intelligence. The vast experience of living in various countries help him to bring a life to the characters that he plays.

Jag is currently based in Sydney. When he is not acting, he works as a mental health clinician. 

Screen Test Reel

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