Reactivate The Creative Mindset For Performing Artists 

A special online seminar – The Secrets of the Actors Unconscious Mind Workshop by Hypnotist Kelly Robinson

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Course Overview
Take advantage of this new opportunity to attend an extremely special seminar. This semianr is one of a kind as Actors and creatives are given a chance to work with Kelly Robinson who is a Master Hypnotist and Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer. Kelly has worked ‘one on one’ with professional Actors, Opera Singers, Dancers, Musicians.  Artists have come to her to learn these secret Mind Tools to enhance their Performance and to get rid of any kind of fear or anxiety with auditioning or performing. In this particular workshop, Kelly aims to provide a unique insight into the powerful creative unconscious and tools to reactivate that creative spark post Covid-19 or any major setback for creatives. 

This workshop is open to any actor or creative of any skill level looking to re-gain motivation and reconnect with their creative energies. 


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 Outline and Outcomes

  • Build a relationship with your powerful creative unconscious mind. You will have a one of a kind insight into how the mind works in Performance and creative situations.
  • Connect to that resourceful creative self so that you can have that confidence and drive to put goals into place. 
  • Power through those goals using the Achievement/ Wisdom Model. Be ready to Connect, Grow and Thrive! 

Session Details

When: 1 x Wednesday evening

Dates: 30th June 2021

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Format: Online using Zoom 

Cost: $75.00 incl GST + Booking Fee

Participants12 Maximum

Session Details

About Kelly Robinson

Kelly is an Actress, Writer, Producer and has worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 10 years. After graduating from Actors Centre Australia, Kelly was thrown into the industry and realised that auditions were few and far between. The pressures that Actors have to perform at their best at any given moment can be crippling. Kelly understood first hand the pressure this Industry has on its Performers. Seeking help, she contacted her mother Julie who is a Hypnotherapist that works with athletes. These Athletes can range from being young emerging Athletes to professional Olympians. Julie shared with Kelly the techniques she used on these Athletes and discovered a similarity between Athletes and Actors. She experimented with these techniques in auditions and was blown away with the results. Following in her mothers foot steps, Kelly decided to study at the prestigious Mind Academy and become a Master Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer and Life Coach.  Since graduating she has shared the techniques she learnt with other professional Actors, Opera Singers, Dancers and Musicians. Kelly’s clients have had incredible results and are continuing to have prosperous and fulfilling careers in the Entertainment Industry. 

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