Personal Branding for Actors w/ George Konstand ONLINE

A specialist two hour ONLINE Seminar Presentation w/ Q&A afterwards. 

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Course Overview

Come join us for a special online Seminar Presentation and Q&A with renowned branding coach George Konstand from Brandology. 

What is your brand? Did that take you longer than eight seconds to answer? If yes, you have just identified a branding problem.

You either have it or you don’t!” This is a strongly held belief among industry professionals from agents to directors and producers…but what is it? Some would say it’s an essence, a magnetism, charisma, an unapologetic uniqueness…all adjectives that describe a brand! Decisions are made fast in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to booking talent. This seminar aims to help actors understand their personal brand and aid them with the tools to express it and use it!

“It was an eye opening course. For someone like me who is not sure about my brand, it cleared out a few things and put me in the right direction for how to use Social Media and other forums to brand myself and how to approach things. Highly recommend it. Makes people work and think to get the results.” – Firdaws Adelpour (Actor)

“This course is one of a kind! A massive and invaluable learning experience for me and a really unique subject matter that I think is so important to consider and rare to find anywhere else!” – Jack Crumlin (Actor)

Tickets details below. Zoom link details will be provided to all registered guests prior to the event.

Course Outline
This session will introduce actors to the concept of branding and how to apply this to all aspects of their career. Discover and learn:

  • What is a brand and how do you define it?
  • Self Analysis: how to discover your unique brand.
  • What is your message and how is it perceived.
  • Positioning strategy: how to set yourself apart.
  • Social media platforms: what, how and why to use them.
  • Ask your Branding questions in a dedicated Q&A segment at the end of the seminar.

Course Outcomes
At the end of this seminar, actors will have a clear understanding of what it takes to have a unique and marketable personal brand. They will be equipped with the tools and knowledge of how brands function and how to apply this to themselves. Overall, actors will learn how to merge their artists heart with a business mind.

Session Details

When: 1x Wednesday Evening Session ONLINE

Dates: 30th June 2021 

Time: 7pm – 10pm AEST (Sydney Time)

Format: ONLINE using Zoom  (meeting link details will be provided to all registered guests prior to the event)

Cost: $38.00 incl GST (10% off for Hub Members)

Participants: 30 Maximum

Session Details

About George Konstand & Brandology

Anthill Magazine has touted George Konstand as “Australia’s own Branding Guru”. Author of The Game Entrepreneur and Founder of BrandologyCo. named a TOP10 Australian Cool Company. George Konstand is a Judge of the SMART100 Innovation Awards. He started his career in Media, working on television segments So You Think You Can Dance, Australia’s Next Top Model and X Factor, before consulting internationally in Artist & Repertoire.


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