Karo Tak –  Yoga Sessions @ The Hub! 

Weekly Jivamukti Yoga Classes for Actors 

Teacher: Karo Tak

The HubStudio’s has recently opened its early morning doors for weekly drop in Jivamukti Yoga session with professional yoga teacher Karo Tak.

 “Jiva means individual soul and mukti means liberation. The name Jivamukti Yoga reflects on the fact that it’s possible to have a beneficial, fulfilling life while also progressing spiritually, perhaps even attaining liberation”

Each session is two hours in duration and open to students at all levels. Karo will also offer a free Vegan breakfast at the end of each session!

For more information please visit – www.karotak.com and to register your interest in joining a class you will need to email Karo at: karo@karotak.com

About Karo

Session Details

Dates: Friday Mornings
Where: The HubStudio – 18 City Rd Chippendale, NSW 2008
When: 7am – 9am
Students: 20ppl max
Cost: $15.00

To join a class please register your interest via email to Karo at: karo@karotak.com

Please arrive at The HubStudio by 6.45am for a 7pm start.

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