A Job Well Done…

Honestly, if someone told my younger self that I’d be loving an office job in my 20’s, I would have laughed at them. But it really would have been good to know that you could actually love a job you never saw yourself doing and that I would find such a job.

My lifelong passion for dance, music and naturally, drama (which I studied in high school), led me to the Hub, but more so did my lack of direction in life – the reality of being jobless and feeling unsure about everything to do with the future. Having finished my Arts Degree and having quit a job that I hated, I was in need of a new direction. While job searching, I stumbled across an ad online for an internship at The HubStudio. I saw the words ‘actors’, ‘stories’ and that was all I needed to go for it (plus a new approach I had recently acquired from a life coach, who told me not to project my fear of uncertainty into the present, or let my equally destructive fear of inadequacy stop me from applying for work). Still nervous from my previous miserable work experience, I approached this internship as ‘something to put on my resume and give me office/admin experience. And bonus – it’s a performing arts business and the people seem really nice”. I got a whole lot more than typical office experience! So I was thrilled to be offered employment in July last year (2017) after the internship period. 

The Hub Christmas party 2017

I get to work alongside the most friendly, genuine and helpful team; Oliver, Natalie and Grace, who I consider great personal mentors. Their praise and appreciation that they never hesitate in giving has boosted my confidence, allowing me to me believe that I’m capable and valuable in a workplace. They value my input, are forgiving over mistakes and encourage rather than look down upon asking questions. They make me laugh too! I have the pleasure of having a colleague as friendly and approachable as Grace and as a result, we’ve developed a friendship which I am grateful for. Also, a shout-out to the lovely American interns who’ve made memories with us in our office and are very much missed!

Kristella, Grace and American intern, Abigail Jones.

Though I only work casually and spend my time with general office admin and marketing, I love that this job presents opportunities to try new things, such as writing these blogs, getting involved in Hub events or even proposing a project if I wanted. I’ve had the opportunity to join in some of the masterclasses, which have given me the chance to relive the enjoyment of drama, learn about acting and in doing so, meeting interesting people in the industry. I really enjoyed watching an Improvisation Masterclass by Lyn Pierse, participating the Philip Quast Masterclass, a Voice Drop In class with Amy Hume, a Movement Masterclass with Roel Voobij, Singing for Actors with Erin Cornell, Mind Training with Kelly Robinson and currently, I am relishing in my love of musicals in the Musical Theatre Ensemble with Shaun Rennie and a bunch of lovely, talented actors. (On that note, keep an eye out for a blog later on this year about that experience!). While on the subject of my love for musical theatre, you can image how interesting it gets for me when we have a musical cast rehearsing in the main hall, right next our office! See? Not your typical office job.

The Shaun Rennie Musical Theatre Masterclass, 2018

Not only have these classes been stimulating and fun, but they have given me an opportunity to become bolder. Being naturally shy, getting up in front of people is confronting, though I have been performing from a young age. But there’s something different – braver, about putting yourself in the position to be exposed and critiqued in front of a group of professionals. It’s ok though, because we’re in a safe, positive and growth oriented environment, so the mutual support from fellow actors and the coaches is encouraging.

The Singing for Actors Masterclass with Erin Cornell, 2018

One of the most promising reactions to this job is that I stopped worrying about my future for a bit, because I learned to just enjoy that fact that I had a job which I loved. I didn’t need to figure out my life and career at 22, I could just be content with being happy in the moment, enjoy this job and use it to make my way to other interesting opportunities later on. My sense of direction had been paved a few steps. I discovered the kind of work environment and team culture that I preferred and realised that the arts industry is where I want to work; nothing else excites me.

I like to think that my experiences at the Hub could be similar to those of the actors/creative professionals that get involved here. They can receive the same helpful guidance, meet like-minded talented people and expand themselves. I was told not to just think of this as a job, but as a recourse centre to help me achieve things. It has become a place for me to better myself, take risks and be excited by learning new things, just like our actors do. A place where I can embrace my love of theatre and get involved in the industry in small ways, even if I don’t plan to be a professional performer (and if I do, I now have this place to make connections and further my training?!).


The Shaun Rennie Musical Theatre Ensemble, 2018

So I really do consider myself lucky. They say “it’s not where you work, it’s the people you work with”. Here at The HubStudio, it’s both the positive, artistic place and the amazing team culture that makes it a wonderful place to be.

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