1.Tell us about your role in the new comedy flick “Chasing Comets”.

I was one of the Executive producers, unit base managers and acted in the film. It was a all hands on deck experiences so if you I could help out in other areas I did…

2.What has been your favourite project/piece of work of your career so far?

My first role I ever did Iwould have say would be my favourite. I had never acted before but I had boxing experience, I got sent to a go see for a movie called Moulin Rouge. I landed the role as the boxer in the film and my first ever time in front of the camera was with Baz Lahman directing me. Unforgettable experience which ended up being used in the film.

3.Which project challenged you the most or did you learn form the most?

Chasing Comets by far was the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve done especially as an EP it’s a whole different ball game….

4.Tell us about your time/ association with The Hub and how it has impacted you professionally.

My time with the hub has been doing workshops with Nadia townsend and Miranda Harcourt For me these two are connected to their work and people. Understanding this simple yet profound  lesson of the craft, I believe helps in all areas/aspects of the entertainment industry.

5. If you could give our Hubsters one piece of advice what would it be?

Do acting course, go to auditions etc etc but if you have the chance to get involved in something bigger than yourself, jump in with both feet and back yourself, work and value good hard working  people and learn life lessons from bad ones.

6. Do you have aspirations for a particular project or a ‘dream role’?

I like projects with meaning or purpose so hopefully I’ll  find something or it may come my way in the near further and I’ll let my intuition decide….

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