Kat Hoyos

1.Tell us about your role in the new comedy flick “Chasing Comets”.
I play The Rev’s (George Houvardas) daughter Dee. Dee is the real deal. Aussie, genuine, a bit of a tomboy and the moral compass for Dan Ewing’s character “Chase”.
2. What has been your favourite project/piece of work of your career so far?
To play a character like Layla Habib doesn’t happen often, so I have definitely enjoyed the rich tapestry of personality she embodies!
3. Which project challenged you the most or did you learn form the most? 
My first major musical “Hairspray”. I was an onstage swing and had to learn 9 plots. It’s already hard enough learning one, but learning other peoples within a 4-6 week window. This show was uniquely different in the way we were onstage swings, all our tracks were very much ensemble with props etc, and because the show was a new version of it, I was learning what people were creating, AND also dealing with how to not cut my track (which you would do in other shows), but work out what to keep and still be able to swing into other roles at the same time. It was challenging but also very exciting having to think on my feet so quickly when we were in show runs, and also work with stage management on a particularly close level. It’s not a role a lot of performers relish or enjoy doing, but I really loved being cool as a cucumber on the outside and making executive decisions! I have a deep appreciation for swings, and they deserve all the accolades as any other performer onstage.
4. Tell us about your time/ association with The Hub and how you think it has impacted you professionally. 
The Hub was the first place I went to to start delving into Film and TV lessons. It was a great one stop shop to see what was on offer and I took courses such as Paige Walker and Gabrielle Rogers US Accent training, Les Chantery Film and TV courses, a number of different drop in classes, seminars and workshops. I also really loved being able to come back to the Hub as a guest speaker last year regarding the American transition for actors, with the likes of Dave Newman (Casting Director), Anthony Kidd at Benchmark Creative (Agent), and Joel Jackson (Actor). Professionally I feel like The Hub elevated me to the next level of learning.
5. If you could give our Hubsters one piece of advice what would it be?
To keep learning! Always be a student, stay humble, and treat every audition as an opportunity to play. Learn from the experience, and then get back to class!
6. Do you have aspirations for a particular project or a ‘dream role’?
My aspiration is to work on projects with major players in the industry. I also want to be able to work on the other side of camera, or on stage. I like to stay versatile. I don’t like to limit myself to what kind of role because there is so much out there to play with. Something I may not have seen myself in, someone will think I can 100% do.

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