Miles Boland

A graduate of Film, T.V and Media at the University of Auckland, Miles Boland has had a career in Sydney spanning seven years as a voice professional and event host. Penfolds, Nissan, Philips, Oroton, Lion and United Airlines are just a few of the brands Miles has facilitated voice over, e-learning or hosted events for.

His foray into performing arts started with an interest in voice work and movement not just to better his vocal ability but to better understand his internal clarity and emotional presence which paved way to becoming a winning suitor on Channel 10’s Blind Date, his film debut, The Lumberjack and commercials for National Geographic, Visa and A.M.P.

His induction into the 2020 Ensemble has been an absolute game changer to say the least, “Working with some of the best coaches in the industry and imbuing the team effort mentality The Ensemble has became known for has further ingrained my understanding of what it is to be a free, powerful and authentic professional actor.”

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