My Time At The Hub

For the past eight weeks I have had the privilege of working alongside the amazing team here at HubStudio while acquiring valuable marketing and pr experience through their social media outlets. During my internship I have learned the inter-workings of a business, how it operates on a daily basis, and the mass amount of work that goes into sustaining its success. I have been able to combine my creative perspective and love of writing to create blog content, organize scheduled post, launch the Instagram, and upload articles to social media platforms. It has been a priceless learning experience made possible by all of the caring, generous people at the HubStudio.

In January of this year I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up for an international internship offered through my school’s study abroad program. Being from a small town in North Carolina I was nervous to travel across the world to a brand new city and new way of life. Although I have been fortunate enough to travel before, I had never been to a new country completely on my own. I was wary of the adventure in Australia to come but was excited for the opportunity to travel, learn, and most importantly eat. When I arrived in Sydney I immediately felt a sense of security thanks to the numerous amount of welcoming and kind natives. I realized that this small town girl might actually be able to find her way and establish a life in the big city.

After a few days playing tourist, and taking more pictures than I would like to admit at the Opera House, it was finally time for my first day of work at the Hub. I woke up excited to learn and settle into a new environment. As I walked up to the quaint brick building with the inviting red letters I knew that the next 8 weeks would fly by. Upon entering I was welcomed by the radiating smile of Grace Naoum who quickly became a close mentor and friend. Later in the day I was introduced to Oliver Wenn the co-creator and brains behind the business. Never in my life had I met a more passionate and inspired human. Within minutes he was telling me his hopes and dreams for the Hub and how he planned to accomplish them. He had a vision for the future of the business, it was clear that the only direction was up. We devised a plan and immediately started working on ways to boost community involvement and get more people on board with the objective of the Hub.

As the days passed I faced many challenges when trying to come up with new, inventive ways to spread the Hub’s mission. I had to navigate unfamiliar websites, learn how to use specific forms, and research foreign film and theatre material. Through all of my trials I somehow managed to make it out alive and contribute accomplished, successful work. Whenever I would complete my goals for the day or post popular articles I was greatly praised by everyone at the Hub. Even on days when I didn’t offer my best work or finish every assignment there was always someone complimenting my hard work and telling me how appreciative they were of my help. It was on those days that I realized how truly lucky I was to have found a place like the Hub. It became so much more than a place of work, but instead a home filled with supportive friends and family.

It is rare that you ever find a location that holds a sense of security and familiarity while also being a place of work. That is the beauty of the Hub. It is a hidden gem among the bustling chaos of the city where creatives come to find themselves and explore their interests. Seeing the faces of aspiring actors, directors, and producers light up as they walk through the doors shows what a central and successful unit the Hub has become. Hearing past students and current teachers talk about the success they found through the courses and opportunities at the Hub reinforces the instrumental affect it plays on each and every member. It is an indescribable feeling to be part of such a successful and influential business and I consider myself lucky to have been given the opportunity to work here.

In conclusion I want to thank Oli, Natalie, Grace, and Kristella, along with every person that walked through the doors of the Hub for making me feel like a member of the family and for teaching me valuable life lessons. You have opened my eyes to a new and an unfamiliar culture as well as many unique opportunities. Through this experience I have gained lifelong friends and a place that I can call home. I am truly blessed to have been a small cog in the wheel of the daily operations at the studio and cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Hub and all of its talented members.

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