Hub Spotlight – Stephen Mahy


1. What’s it like being cast in Mamma Mia The Musical?

I’m really excited to be doing such an iconic show. I’m playing opposite one of my friends, Sarah Morrison. So that’s icing on the cake. 

 2. What been your favourite project/piece of work throughout your career?

I thought that doing Miss Saigon right out of WAAPA was amazing and it was going to be hard to beat. Jersey Boys was an amazing experience. Meeting Bob Gaudio the man I played will forever be in my heart. Singing at the AFL and Australian Tennis finals with the boys is such an incredible feeling. 

3. Tell us a bit about other upcoming or recent projects.

For the last two years I haven’t been in main stage musical and it’s been awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing big shows but it opened me up to the independent world and boy did I have some fun. 

A play at the Sydney fringe last year to sell out crowds, filing short films every month and even better I was apart of over 10 online and TV adverts. In over 10 years working professionally I was seriously having a good run. 

4. Do you have aspirations for other projects or a dream role?

 I’d love to be on Australian television one day in a recurring role. I’d love to be driving up to Palm beach for Home and Away or saying hi to Neighbours. 

Seeing how diverse casting is now and shows like Cleverman being filmed, I’d love to be apart of a show like that. What an amazing bunch of actors we have in this country. Who wouldn’t want to work them? 

Also I’d love to sing with a symphony orchestra all around the world singing all my favourite tunes. 

5. If you could give our Hubsters one piece of advice what would it be?

 Learn to love the Hustle. Don’t complain and work hard. Learn from everyone and everything. Be it life or a career highlight. 

6. Tell us about your time at The Hub and how you think it has impacted you professionally.

Being at the Hub was awesome. Voice classes on Wednesday introduced me to so many like minded actors and amazing teachers. It opens the door to use your acting muscle. I honestly didn’t use it to its full potential. But when you’re booking jobs you can’t complain. 

Mamma Mia! The Musical Australia Cast 2017. Pic credits – Peter Brew- Bevan.

Stephen Mahy is a celebrated stage and musical theatre actor. You can learn more about his recent credits and accomplishments on his wikipedia page here

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