Angela Punch McGregor Master Class –  Series 1

Auditioning for Theatre

The HubStudio is very excited to have Angela Punch McGregor for her first Master Class. Not only is Angela a multi AFI award winning actress she was also a highly regarded WAPPA coach and mentor, having worked at the academy for 8 years, and in the process training some of the country’s best actors. The Auditioning For Theatre Master Class is a fantastic opportunity to hone your theatre auditioning skills. Each week you will be asked to ‘audition’ for Angela working not only on your chosen pieces but also on how best to conduct yourself with professionalism and impact. This course is a fantastic practical series to help any professional secure the role.

Course content includes:

  • How to carry the edge within the industry and jump the queue to successful employment.
  • How to analyse and prepare with polish that classic or contemporary script, yet work with spontaneity and flexibility with your audition panel.
  • Discuss script choice.
  • What is your suitability, and where you “fit” in the industry.
  • How do audition “jitters” manifest in your work why we need them and how we master them.
  • Monologues and duologues will be worked, prepared and advised upon.

Look upon this series as a fantastic refresher to hone you audition skills, or a way into a new way of working and being in the room with creatives and directors. Either way you will be receiving feedback and input from one of Australia’s most successful and well respected acting coaches.

About Angela Punch McGregor


Angela held the position of Lecturer in Acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts since 2006-2014. As well as teaching and directing at WAPPA, she’s continued to work within the industry in a directing and performing capacity. She holds a degree as a Bachelor in Dramatic Art (NIDA 2004). 

As an actor Angela has been in numerous Television and Theatre shows as well as working for most of the country’s major theatre company’s. TV Credits include Mary, The Making of a PrincessLove My Way, All Saints, White Collar Blue, Home & Away, Film credits The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith, Savages Crossing, Tom White & Ash Wednesday. Theatre includes Festen, Long Days Journey Into Night, Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll, Equus, Othello. 

Angela’s Awards

  • Robert Helpmann Award Nomination – Best Actress in a Supporting Role GREAT EXPECTATIONS
  • AFI Awards Nomination – Best Actress in a Supporting Role TERRA NOVA
  • AFI Award – Best Actress in a Supporting Role NEWSFRONT
  • AFI Awards Nomination – Best Actress WE OF THE NEVER NEVER
  • 1984 London Daily Telegraph Award – Actress of the Year WE OF THE NEVER NEVER
  • AFI Award – Best Actress ANNIE’S COMING OUT

Session Details

When: 8 x Thursday Nights

Dates:  15th October – 3rd December 2015

Cost: $420.00 incl GST

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Venue: 18 City Rd, Chippendale, NSW 2008

Participants: 12

Session Details

How to Apply

Please send an expression of interest including your  C.V. to or use the below form. Please note the course is by invitation only. If accepted we shall send out an application form with all the course information. Notification for acceptance will be made no later than one week before course commencement.

If offered your place will only be held once payment is received in full. Failure to do so will forfeit your place on the course.

For more information or queries please don’t hesitate to call us on: (02) 9212 0522 or alternatively email us on the above address.

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