Professional Membership  

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Best Option For Actors.  

 $255 / 12 Months   OR    $160 / 6 Months

Why Join? As a Professional Member of The HubStudio, you get easy access to a range of specialist affordable resources. Cheap headshots, make-up and camera hire are great resources to use in order to jumpstart your acting career. Not to mention ongoing course discounts, exclusive ticket offers and giveaways, free individual space hire, cheap self-testing, keynote talks for actors, free auditing and access to our online script database. This membership is fully tax deductible. Join us today!

Professional Membership Details – What do I get?

  • 10% Discount of approved courses.
  • 50% Discount on all Self Tests any time  SAVE $22.
  • FREE & Discounted Tickets & Hub Offers.
  • Exclusive access to Hub|Perks Scheme, negotiated industry discounts and deals.
  • FREE Individual Space hire up to 3hrs per month.
  • 10% Discount of Unfunded Group Space Hire anytime .
  • FREE access to Hub|X, keynote talks for Actors.
  • Access to Hub On-line Script & Resource database.
  • FREE anytime Auditing on approved classes (2 classes per course) SAVE $10 a session.



Pricing Options


 Six Month Membership

Flexible Time Frame
1 Month Membership Pause
Affordable Option
Fully Tax Deductible

Twelve Month Membership

Save $50.00
2 Month Membership Pause
Most Cost Effective
Fully Tax Deductible

Apply for Membership

Access to Professional Membership is via application and not necessarily guaranteed. To apply please fill out the form below. The successful applicant is someone who can prove they are an active working professional actor within the industry who has a dedicated focus and range of credits and/or training. Please note we might ask for additional material or arrange to meet with you. If you have any question please call us on (02) 9212 0522. 

Membership Application Form

To apply for Membership fill out this form

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    Access to Professional Membership and Associate Membership is via application and not necessarily guaranteed. 504 Producers Pty Ltd trading as The HubStudio reserves the right to refuse Membership for whatever reason the company so choose and within reason.Important: Membership will only take effect upon receipt of payment in full, and only for the stated six or twelve month period beginning upon receipt of funds. Applicants will be entitled to a standard three day cooling off period, ending three days after the Membership has begun. Full refunds will only be offered during this time, and any cancelation must be notified in writing to All refunds will incur a charge of $25.00 administration processing fee. Any cancellations made after the three days cooling off period are non-refundable and non transferable and Membership will remain valid until expiry.After your initial membership period has ended you will be notified and automatically re-invoiced for the same Membership tier and at the current pricing structure for that tier. If you so choose to cancel Membership you will have one week grace period to notify us in writing from issue of the invoice. There is no cancelation fee for not continuing Membership during the one week grace period. Any cancellations made after the one week grace period are non-refundable and non transferable and Membership will remain valid until expiry.Membership pause is available for either one month (6 Month Membership) or two months (12 Month Membership) depending on the type of Membership held. To activate the pause please confirm to us in writing the start and finish date for the pause period. Please note you can only pause for a minimum time of two weeks. Any thing less that two weeks will not be accepted as a legitimate pause period. Please not you will not be eligible to receive any member benefits during the paused period.504 Producers Pty Ltd trading as The HubStudio reserves the right to cancel Membership at anytime if a Member is acting against the current rules and regulations of the studio, they are acting illegally, or in a manor that goes against the good name and nature of The HubStudio.The Professional Membership & Associate Membership program or any such affiliated program is subject to change from time to time and without notice, including the Hub|Perks Scheme. It is understood that 504 Producers Pty Ltd trading as The HubStudio will act in good faith of the Members however cannot guarantee all current deals and offers will be available at all times, this includes any possible changes in the prices of any courses, deals and offers including but not limited to Space Hire, Self Testing Room Hire, Discounts of Courses and any other potential offers.If you have any question please call us on (02) 9212 0522 or email

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