The Confident Presenter – Questionnaire

Please fill out and submit the below questions. Please note these questions will help us to getter a better understanding of where you are at with your presentation skills and most importantly where you’d like to be.

They are completely confidential answers and will not be shared with anyone. 

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Job Title:
As a general rule, do you think you are a confident presenter?
As a general rule, do you like giving presentations?
Generally how long are your presentations?
What type of Presentations do you typically give to clients? i.e presenting data, selling the company, on boarding new clients:
Name the one quality you want ppl to feel after you give a Presentation? i.e elated, engaged, sold, motivated, enlightened
Tick the boxes for some qualities listed here you might feel before, during or after a presentation:
What do you feel your main STRENGTHS are as a Presenter? i,e well structured, confident, engaging etc..
What do you feel your main WEAKNESSES are as a Presenter?
Tick the boxes for the areas you would most like to work on:
How do you feel about on camera work
What is the BEST thing about presenting your company's material?
What is the WORST thing about presenting your company's material?(1)
What is your best quality as a person? kind, smart, listener, engaging, funny, intriguing, passionate.
Who is a public figure you admire as a person, and why? Could be a politician, musician, actor, activist, wrestler, racing car driver, sports star etc..
Additional information you would like to add?