Imogen Di Giulio

Imogen Di Giulio is an Australian screen and voice actor and, model, born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. As a performer, she has trained with Hub studio and Fremantle Theatre Company, and completed short courses in areas of interest, such as the works of Shakespeare and screen acting masterclass. In her teens, Imogen was a professional competitive swimmer and spent time living and travelling overseas. After returning to Perth in early 2019, Imogen embraced the opportunity to explore her interest in acting and passion for performance. Since 2014, Imogen has performed and worked behind the scenes at Perth Fringe Festival in a number of variety shows, as well as independent burlesque and swing dance productions. In 2020 Imogen has worked on a number of short films, music videos, photoshoots and advertisements. Imogen has worked within the Fremantle Theatre Company team as head administrator, including working alongside Kate Walsh in their production of Sharr White’s The Other Place. Working behind the scenes has given Imogen a strong understanding of the hard work and creativity that go into such productions and in turn gives her high standard of professionalism when working on set with crews and as an actor.

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