Associate Membership – Full Details 2016

This program is the next development in the evolution of the studio and we’re really excited by the possibilities. By becoming an Associate Member you will be able to use The HubStudio to for cheaper space hire, and exclusive access to our social and development programs. For full details please read below.

Terms & Conditions

$25pr hr Unfunded Rate 

As an Associate member you will be entitled to an on-going space hire rate of $25pr hr incl GST as an unfunded hire. An unfunded hire is  a group of people or company with no budget, or in a co-operative production arrangement.

$35 pr hr Funded Rate

As an Associate member you will be entitled to an on-going space hire rate of $35pr hr incl GST as a funded hire. An funded hire is a a hire with a production budget of any size, or a hire looking to run a commercial activity.

Free Access to Hub|X

By becoming a Professional Member you get free access to Hub| X our  key note speaking series for actors. Our aim is to develop a insider event that will engage some of the top industry talent to talk about process and the tools they use to develop and create character as well as the ways they engage in the business of acting.

Hub|X Events

Exclusive Access to Hub|Members Circle

Hub|Members Circle is a bi-monthly meet up group designed to help members with their careers and to network and resource in a constructive environment. The session will look work on professional career development strategies and the business of acting in a friendly and constructive, professional environment. As the group develops and grows it will become an invaluable resource for career development and for sourcing new was to create work. For more information please click below.

Hub|Members Circle Details

Exclusive Access to Hub|Script

Hub|Script is a monthly script reading and development program where applicants submit script for a public reading to either gain feed back for further development or to gain solid interest for a future production and/or funding. As an Associate member you will receive priority access to have your script as part of the program. To apply or for full details please click the button below.

Hub|Script Details

Free Discounted Tickets and Hub Offers

Receive exclusive access to current ticket deals and offers. Please note tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and wont necessarily be guaranteed, however we will always do our best to accommodate. If Membership has not exhausted the allocation of tickets The HubStudio reserves the right to offer tickets to our database.

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