Hub|Pro is the professional development and production arm of the studio. Currently we run two social programs and are producing two projects. For more information on all our Hub|Pro programs please click the links below. 


Hub|Script is a monthly script readings program produced by The HubStudio with projects sourced via application. Anybody is eligible to submit a project, with readings varying from feature film, play, short film and even radio play scripts. The readings are free to attend. 

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Hub|X is a key note speaking series for Actors. The aim of Hub|X is to provide a platform for discussion, insight and debate from leaders and other inspirational actors and creatives. The event is current free and available for anyone to attend.

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Hub|Production is the producing arm of the studio. We are actively developing and producing a range of stories for various medium with a current focus on VOD and Theatre. Our latest projects are an eight part VOD project called The Bench and the development of a new play Impedimenta with Ion Nibiru Productions. 

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