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Teen Acting Classes

A ten week performance-based workshop for teen actors aged 14 – 17 y.o

CURRENT TERM: Term Four: 10 x Wednesdays / 5pm – 6.30pm / 17th October – 19th December

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Course Overview

This comprehensive acting series will focus on development of character for either stage or screen. This series is perfect for those young actors looking to further develop their craft outside of the school curriculum, or who want to get an agent and start working in the industry. Essentially the series looks at the voice and body in performance, connection to imagined circumstances, study of human emotions and motivations, and ultimately the ability to craft a believable performance. We will also provide relevant & practical industry information on how to develop a career as an actor. At all times the course will be fun, engaging and professional, using experiential learning as the main tool into the core areas of the craft. 


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At The Hub Studio you learn the core tools for actors from professional coaches and have the comfort of a regular place with diverse but like minded people to play and develop yourself and help each other. I love the career sessions, it’s vital for actors but can rarely be found in any other courses.

Emily Machin
Perth Actor

Course Outline

In this course the actor will study the following areas:

  • How to analyse a script
  • How to use your voice 
  • How to use your body
  • Industry knowledge
  • Use of improvisation
  • How to Personalisation
Course Outcomes

This class is designed for the actor to develop the ability to create believable characters for film and theatre:

  • How to break down a script
  • How to find all the clues you need to know about your character in the text
  • Physicalising language to allow your instincts to emerge
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • A stronger understanding of your body in the space
  • An approach to connecting the voice to text
  • Various stagecraft disciplines
Term Dates
Classes are currently open for Term Four, 2018 and Term One 2019. To select your term use the application form below.
Term Block Term Dates Duration
Term Four 2018 Wed 17th Oct – Wed 19th Dec 10 Weeks
Term One 2019 Wed 6th Feb – Wed 10th Apr 10 Weeks
Term Two 2019 Wed 1st May – Wed 3rd Jul 10 Weeks
Term Three 2019 Wed 24th Jul – Wed 25th Sept 10 Weeks
Term Four 2019 Wed 16th Oct – Wed 18th Dec 10 Weeks
Session Details

When: 10 x Wednesday Afternoons

Term Four: 17th October – 19th December 2018

Time: 5pm – 6.30pm

Venue: Fibonacci Centre – 19 Blinco Street Fremantle

Cost: $375.00 incl GST 

Participants: 16 Maximum

Session Details

Payment Options 

The HubStudio also offers two payment options, up front in-full or weekly direct debit payments.

Two Payment Options

  • $375 incl GST (cheapest option)
  • $37.50 pr wk via direct debit. Total course cost is $375.00 + booking fee

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The HubStudio is one of Sydney’s leading post-graduate studio’s and home to over 1,300 working professional actors and creatives. Over the last six years we have provided some of the best quality coaching in the country, to some of the best actors in the country, and now we are very proud to be launching a range of new courses in Perth. We’re bringing the same high level of coaching, the fun supportive culture and extensive industry experience to run a great range of acting programs; from beginners, to teens and adults plus also our one year and half year courses. To learn more about our Perth studio simply click the button below to head to our Perth Studio home page

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Apply For The Course

Please fill out the below form with contact details and some quick info about why you would like to join the workshop and we’ll get back to you asap with further details. If you have any further questions however, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on the below number.

Perth Acting Classes

    TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please make 100% sure you are available for the course BEFORE agreeing to these terms and conditions. Once you have agreed by ticking the above box YOU ARE FULLY LIABLE TO PAY FOR THE COURSE IN FULL REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY CLASSES ARE ATTENDED. If you are not accepted onto the course, you will not held be liable to pay. Confirmation of acceptance onto a course will be emailed to you directly with an invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice you hereby agree to pay the full amount and by no later than the due date stated on the invoice. If you have opted for the direct debit payment system, you agree to return the emailed Direct Debit Request (DDR) Form within two days of receipt with the correct banking information and agree to have the appropriate funds available at all times, as per the payment schedule. If for some reason the DDR Form isn't filled out, at any stage before or after a course, you will still be required to pay the course amount in full. If for any reason you have not received the DDR Form, it is your responsibility to pay for the course and notify the studio. Please note that prior to payment we cannot guarantee your place on any course. CANCELLATIONS MADE BY YOU: If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your place on a course, you must notify us via email within five (5) business days before the start of the first class. A REFUND WILL BE ISSUED ONLY IF YOUR PLACE CAN BE FILLED. Often at this stage it can be difficult to find a suitable replacement, however we’ll do our best to facilitate the changes, if at all possible. If a refund is approved it will incur an administration charge of $75. Any cancellations requested after the five (5) days cut off are non-refundable however may be transferred as a credit, at the discretion of the The HubStudio, and are not guaranteed. IF WE MAKE CANCELLATIONS: Rarely we have to move a class due to unforeseen circumstances such as teachers sickness or unavailability. In these circumstance we will do our best to find a new time to accomodate everyone. We do not offer refunds for single class movements. If a whole class series is moved you will be entitled to a credit note for the next series or a full refund if you can’t attend the new dates. MAILING LIST: Please note by agreeing to these terms and conditions you also give consent to be subscribed to any potential HubStudio mailing lists and marketing material. To opt-out at any time simply follow the link provided. OUR POLICY: At all times, The HubStudio will endeavour to facilitate your needs, and provide the most fair, and suitable outcome for both parties. The above terms and conditions are best practice policies to ensure we can maintain a high standard and quality service to all our customers.

Contact Us

For further questions or queries please contact us directly during 10am – 5pm / Monday – Friday on the below details:

Further Questions

The HubStudio prides itself on helping all actors to facilitate their training journey. If you would like more information about this course, or more importantly which courses would suit you best, then please email or call us to discuss your training goals.

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