The HubStudio currently runs one Improvisation program. Please note this page is an outline of the courses we offer and not necessarily what is currently open for submission. Please note all of our courses are via submission. For all course dates & further details click ‘More Info’ tab to learn more and apply. 


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Lyn Pierse | Improvisation For Professional Actors

The Improvisation For Professional Actors series by Lyn Pierse is a fantastic opportunity for those professionals looking to further develop their impulse and creativity. Yielding to an offer and knowing and what when to offer are to fundamentals of acting; allowing actors to think on their feet and react to circumstances in a natural and dynamic way. Some of the best actors come from an improvised background and actively use it in their scene work. Throughout the eight weeks each actor will work on individual and group based scenarios with the guidance of one of the countries most experienced Improvisation coaches.

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