Hub Spotlight Ana Maria Belo


1. Tell us about your upcoming role in “In The Heights”. What’s the experience like so far?
I’m playing Camila Rosario. The mother to Nina Rosario and wife to Kevin. In a word I would describe Camila as PASSIONATE. I’ve based my interpretation of Camila on my mother. She’s going to hate me for saying that, but the truth is i’m playing her on a very bad day. I come from a very loud and passionate Portuguese family and with Camila I can give you a glimpse of what a “normal” family conversation sounds like in my home. 
This experience has been quite a challenging one for me. I swore I would never do Musical Theatre again. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE musicals. But I believed that I wasn’t able to do them anymore. I have severe hearing loss. I started my career with little hearing but it got worse. I got my hearing aids 6 years ago now. I believed that I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly due to my hearing loss and I walked away from it all. But the truth is I was scared. Since getting my hearing aids I’ve had to re learn how to speak and sing again. This is the first musical I’ve done in 10 years. I’ve had some really challenging days but I’m so excited to be opening tonight knowing that it’s gonna be a great show. The whole team have been so incredibly supportive and have really helped me get back on my feet. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be working with.
2. Throughout your career what has been your favourite project/piece of work?
Favourite project???? ooooo that’s a tough one. That’s like asking which child is your favourite. HA. With every role I’ve always found something to love. FAME was my first massive musical. What’s not to love about that! HAIR was a dream come true- literally. NOISES OFF was hilarious and who gets to say they were on stage in their underwear at the Opera House every night???. I got to write, co-direct, produce and star in my first short film which won me an award at TROPFEST. That experience was pretty epic. I learnt piano and Auslan for TRIBES and announced my hearing loss for the first time. I got to meet my family’s hero John Cleese when I did Fawlty Towers. WOW, I’m pretty bloody lucky. 
3. Which project challenged you the most or did you learn form the most?
Each role and each project creates new challenges and new learning opportunities for me. In this role right now I am learning so very much about myself. When you are scared by a role you usually grow the most. I’m pretty scared. I’ve overcome a lot of personal hurdles to get to opening night tonight and i’m super proud of myself for that. 
4.Tell us about your time or association with The Hub and how you think it has impacted you professionally.
I was so overjoyed when The Hub was created. Olly really created a place for actors to come in and “workout.” Knowing that there is a place that we can go to flex our muscles is so important. Especially when you are not working. It can be a long time between gigs and we get rusty. I love that I can pop in for a voice class or a screen class or hire a room for a rehearsal.  Creativity loves company. Olly created a place for us all to come in and inspire each other. I am very grateful for that.  
5. If you could give our Hubsters one piece of advice what would it be? 
Keep learning and growing – Being a professional actor is like running a marathon not a sprint.  
6. Do you have aspiration for other projects or a ‘dream role’?
Oh I am constantly creating new projects to work on. I have a true crime passion and I have a feature I’d like to finish writing about a true Aussie crime. 
I’d love to be in a  US sitcom as a “Phoebe” from FRIENDS kind of role. 
In Musical Theatre I have always had one role I’d love to play and that is Adelaide in Guys And Dolls.  

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