The Front Studio Space  is a large 70sqm space  with a wooden floor suitable for a range of activities from dance, light movement, theatre rehearsals, film studio space, film auditions, casting sessions, singing lessons, courses and seminars, product launches, corporate training, pop-up, yoga or pilates, theatre company launch events, community activities, we’re open to your suggestions! The space has an adjacent outdoor patio area and all modern amenities, including air-conditioning, Kitchen and Bathroom facilities. The space can fit up to 40 people, but is most suitable for around 30.

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  • 20 Chairs
  • Seperate Outdoor Courtyard Area
  • 1 x 8ft Table
  • 2 x 4ft Tables
  • 2 x  LED Key Lights
  • 2 x Black Table Cloths (located downstairs, prior organisation needed)
  • 2 x Large Ice Buckets (located downstairs, prior organisation needed)
  • Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Lounge Area

*Please note a levy may apply for; heavy use of the air-conditioning, and/or a cleaning fee. Fee is to paid in full upon booking. 

  • $30.00 p/h incl GST / Un-funded group
  • $40.00 p/h incl GST / Funded or Commercial
  • $25.00 p/h incl GST Single Person Rehearsal
  • Long Term Hire Rates Available
  • Daily Rates Available
  • 30% Cancellation Fee Applies
  • Loadings and Deposits may apply depending on activity

Unfunded Group: Is a group of people or company with no budget, or in a co-operative production arrangement. This does not automatically include not for profit organisations.

Funded Group: Is a a hire with a production budget of any size, or a hire looking to run a commercial activity.

Single Person: Is an individual on their own, working solo.

We are fairly flexible as to the type of activities at The Hub. We mainly use the evenings for our own classes and programs, however if you are looking for evenings please contact us as we will do our best to accommodate you.

Auditions: If you are intending to hold auditions at the studio, we would ask you to notify us so we can organise the waiting area for the participants as there is no designated wait area, however plenty of room. We just need to organise the details with you prior.

Events: If you are intending to hire the building for an event, we have a few additional fees that need to apply. We will charge you a full daily rate generally, including a breakage and damage deposit, and a negotiable cleaning fee. In all circumstances we are open to your needs, budget and suggestions, so just give us a buzz to speak further.

Our general operating hours are from 10am – 10pm Monday – Friday and 10am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday. We can be slightly flexible with these times depending on your needs.

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    Cancellation Fee – It is important for our business and for our continued service to you that any cancellations of space hire are notified to us by email 21 days prior to your hire date. Notification of cancellation in less than 14 days will attract a 30% fee plus GST, and notification in less than 48 hours will attract a 100% fee plus GST based on the Hire Total excluding GST.Please be aware that you will be held responsible for any loss or damage to The HubStudio property brought about by your person/s and or patrons related to your hire.You are required to ensure that a suitably qualified person is in charge of activities at all times, and accept responsibility for insurances concerning all persons and property related to this hire.No furniture or equipment may be brought in or out of the The HubStudio or rooms therein without the express permission of The HubStudio Curator or authorised agent.Rooms may be re-arranged to suit your rehearsal needs, but must be returned to the their original state before you leave.Rooms must be left clean and in the state in which they were found, any cleaning or repairs to damage will be charged accordingly.

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p: (02) 9212 0522
a: Level 1 / 21 Shepherd St Chippendale NSW 2008