We live in a world that is constantly moving. The rapid pace of our daily lives is almost too fast to keep up with. Technology is always increasing and corporations steadily growing. New companies begin to emerge as old ones start to wear. Cracks start to show and people grow weary of the businesses they once loved. Why is this? Just because something has gotten older doesn’t always mean it is worse, in most cases it means it has improved. In the Hubstudio’s case, time has been more than advantageous in bringing success.

With time and age comes experience, knowledge, growth, and insight. The knowledge and experience that the Hub has acquired is immeasurable. With its 6th birthday in October quickly approaching, yes six whole years, the Hub will be celebrating over half of a decade of success and growth. In looking back on these amazing years we have realized how this business has not only grown in itself but has inspired growth in all of its member. We wanted to take a look back at what the studio means and recognize why so many have joined our family.

It all began with a simple, yet extraordinary dream. Oliver Wenn and Natalie Rees had a vision to inspire and teach other young actors to explore and strengthen their talents in an uplifting, communal space. This space would be a central unit for imagination and creativity to thrive, a place where actors could truly master their talents while creating a network of peers. The goal was to build a Hub capable of strengthening actors skills, connecting them with creatives, and providing resources that would help develop their career. Six years and a few grey hair laters this dream became a reality.

But what makes the Hub different from other great studios in Australia you ask? It is the one space that really, truly fuels imagination and most importantly is a place you can call home. The Hub has taken on this role for so many of its members. It has become a safe haven, a sanctuary even. For the past six years the Hub has not only been a rock in times of hardships but also a place of praise and acceptance when spirits are high. It provides the resources for artists to create goals, harness their talents, and achieve their optimal level of success.

Members who have walked through those infamous doors have all experienced the magic that is the Hubstudio. Ask anyone. They will tell you about the immediate connection felt when they entered. Professionals and beginners have all shared in this special feeling. No matter your skill level, when you come to the Hub you will always have piece of mind knowing that you are supported and cared for. Everyone here believes in you because you are a member of our tight nit community. We are willing to take the chance on our Hubsters because we know they are worth it and are capable of achieving the impossible.

We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish and know it would never have been possible without the help of our amazing and loyal Hubsters. With that in mind we thank each and every one of you who has been a part of our crazy, loving family for the past six years. Each of you has touched us in a way that is unparalleled. We have loved seeing our members grow and are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to grow with them and share in their success. In looking forward to the future we wish to reach more members and touch their hearts as we have hopefully touched yours.

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