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The HubStudio currently runs two different movement programs. Please note this page is an outline of the courses we offer and not necessarily what is currently open for submission. Please note all of our courses are via submission. For all course dates & further details click ‘More Info’ tab to learn more and apply. 


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Mary Cerny

Mary Cerny | Alexander Technique for Actors

The Alexander Technique is a fantastic and fundamental series. This detailed work is at the core of the actor as a human, seriously. As an Actor we must know who we are on a physical level, and who we can be and how to be present. Alexander Technique is a life long discovery tool, sometimes confronting and confusing but extremely satisfying and fundamental. This series is for those professionals who know that the language of the body and the ability to choose how to use it are what makes good actors, great actors.

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Roel Voorbij | Babelworkshop

The Babelworkshop is a physical acting technique. The series deals very much with impulse and how we as actors can use it to be more alive and present in our work. Through a range of fun and challenging exercises actors discover the language of the body and voice, and how to use that energy to convey emotions and thoughts, rhythm and timing. This detailed series will push your personal boundaries forcing you re-asses what it means to be ‘in the moment’. This fundamental work is the key to unlocking an actors impulse, and is for those professionals who understand physical access is at the heart of great acting.

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