The HubStudio Corporate Training offers exceptional presentation skills training in a boutique environment. All our courses are based on traditional theatre techniques and methodologies and are taught by experts in performance training. Our coaches have taught hundreds of actors, and some this country’s top artists, such as Cate Blanchett, Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving and Baz Lurhmann.

The HubStudio Corporate Training is activity-based practical learning. We give constructive personal feedback in a supportive environment where the individualised key learning outcomes engage and inspire each participant to perform at their best.

At the core of our programs are: Presence, Confidence & Communication

The HubStudio can offer tailored packages, one-on-one training, group and seminar work. We can run courses in our studio or on-site at your workplace, Australia wide. To arrange a meeting or to discuss any of our services please call (02) 9212 0522 or email: