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We’re on the hunt for an amazing actor with (mostly) event management experience and a burning passion, to intern at the studio one day a week, to help us put together Australia’s first ever (as far as we can tell) Actors Expo, or as we call it The HubStudio – Actors Festival. It’s going to be a one day festival, where actors can come together to skill share, workshop, perform, network and have fun. There’ll be key notes, panel talks, workshops, live music, industry leaders, and of course a closing night party, and after party! 

For the interim please understand this gig is unpaid. However as we onboard sponsors and sell tickets we will be seeking to pay you as soon as feasible. Therefore this position should be looked upon as a significant opportunity for growth, rather than a job. It’s a unique position, with a really cool outcome – but it’s not for the faint hearted, easily distracted or disorganised.

We are looking for those people that understand our community, know exactly what actors need and more importantly are keen to learn and grow

We understand that the notion of an unpaid position is difficult, however please understand that The Hub is a very small arts company, working really hard to make a difference, we simply don’t have the ability – yet – to make this a paid position. However all we ask is one day a week, and it’s your time and your festival, we want this position to be sustainable for your work life / actor life balance.

You’ll be working in the office with the Hub Team, with direct collaboration with founder Oliver Wenn. We’ll help you at all times and be working along side you to resource and innovate, plus we’ve already got some specific ideas, a great network, and some in-roads already underway. 

General Task Outline: 

Please remember as Festival intern you’ll be mainly creating your own schedule. However here’s a few ideas to get you started; 

1.) Helping to – obtain Key Sponsors / Speakers / Performers 
2.)Helping to – develop, organise schedule & budgets
3.)Helping to – organise staffing for the event
4.)Helping with – public relations / marketing (either direct or as manager)


If you feel like this is an great opportunity and you want to help us make a difference, then fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


For more information please contact Oliver directly on 0411 160 556 or email