“Don’t Be So Dramatic” Episode List

Hosted by Rachel Baker in association with The HubStudio

The HubStudio is very excited to offer a new podcast in association with Rachel Baker. Each month we will be providing you interviews and insights from the The HubStudio community and beyond. Full episode list below. 

  • 'Water' at the New Blood Theatre
    Mark Langham and Tristan Black
    This week I speak to writer/director Mark Langham and producer/performer Tristan Black about their upcoming play, 'Water'. As part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, they will be at the New Blood Theatre from the 5th November till the 16th November
  • 30. Daisy Hicks
    Casting Director at i4 Casting
    Daisy Hicks is an Australian Casting Director at i4 Casting in Sydney. Daisy is one of the youngest members of the Casting Guild of Australia and is a CGA nominee for best casting in a short film and best casting in a TVC. Since joining casting, she has worked on many notable theatre and musical shows, films and TVCs.
  • 29. Anthony Kidd
    Acting Agent Benchmark Creative Managment
    Anthony Kidd is a casting agent based in Sydney. His agency, Benchmark Creative, is renowned nationally and internationally for representing experienced and professional actors. Anthony has recently worked with AIME Mentoring and seeks to use his position of power to aid those in need and those he believes in
  • 28. Kate Wadey
    Jazz Singer - Kate Wadey
    Kate Wadey is a singer based in Sydney. Originally from Adelaide, Kate has become a prominent figure in the Sydney jazz scene after finding her love for the genre and it's freedom for individuality in more recent years. Kate's new album 'Moon Songs' is available on Spotify and you can check her out at www.katewadey.com
  • 27 Linda Nicholls-Gidley
    Accent and Dialect Coach
    Linda Nicholls-Gidley is a renowned voice coach in Australia. She has worked across a broad range of media, including film, television, radio, voice over and theatre productions and has a strong corporate training profile, including presentation skills for Australia’s Channel 9, 10, the ABC, SBS and Fairfax Digital. Linda was a lecturer in voice at NIDA for many years as well as numerous other acting institution around the Sydney area. She is currently a coach at The Hub Studio, running frequent voice and accent workshops.
  • 26. Darren Gilshenan
    An experienced Australian actor with an extensive list of screen and theatre credits to his name
    Darren Gilshenan is an experienced Australian actor with an extensive list of screen and theatre credits to his name. He has been involved in such productions as Full Frontal, No Activity (for which he received an AACTA nomination for best performance in a TV comedy), The Moodys and Harrow as well as having toured with the Bell Shakespeare company for multiple shows. He has also worked with Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company and Ensemble Theatre (for which he received a Best Actor nomination for his role in 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?')
  • 25. Shaz and Tina
    Internet Duo Shaz and Tina AKA Lisa Robinson and Nisrine Amine
    Meet Shaz and Tina: Two besties from the west(ies) and Australia's next powerhouse female duo. Here to give women the world over advice on life, love and how not to be single even though it’s hard. Also meet the wonderful ladies behind Shaz and Tina, Lisa and Niz. Creating your own work is so important in today's industry and that's exactly what these two are doing! If you're into improvisation and sketch comedy or even if you're not, go and check them out at www.facebook.com/shazandtina/
  • 24. Oliver Wenn
    Founder of The HubStudio
    Oliver Wenn is an actor and entrepreneur based in Sydney who founded The Hub Studio in 2011. After graduating NIDA in 2005, Oli went on to create this space for himself and other actors to have access to some of the best coaches in Australia.
  • 23. Neel Koolhatk
    Stand-up Comedian, Actor and Youtuber
    Neel Kolhatkar is a Sydney based performer who is best known for his stand up comedy and online social media content. Neel decided to pursue acting at a young age and has used his success in many different avenues to push his creative career forward. You can follow Neel at: www.youtube.com/user/neel30394 www.facebook.com/Neel.Kolhatkar94/
  • 21 . Dave Beamish
    Founder of Moving Tale Productions and Vancouver based Aussie Actor
    Dave Beamish is an Australian actor who is making his mark on the Canadian film industry in Vancouver. Dave is the founder of the production company 'Moving Tale' which creates projects both in Australia and overseas. He also recently started the company 'Screen Speak Live' to help educate those in the film industry through classes and online content. Dave's extensive experience as an actor includes 'Neighbours', 'We Were Tomorrow' and 'Limetown', to name a few.
  • 20. Rachel Baker
    Host of the 'Don't Be So Dramatic'
    Rachel Baker is the host of this podcast as well as an actor and producer based in Sydney. If you've be wondering who the hell the voice and brain behind this podcast is, then you're about to find out!
  • 14. Alex Reynolds
    Stand-up Comedian
    Alex Reynolds is a stand-up comedian based in Sydney. She has performed sold out shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival.
  • 19. Lauren Lofberg
    Sydney based Actor/Dancer and Women's Support Advocate
    Lauren Lofberg is an actor, model, singer, dancer based in Sydney. She is a big advocate for women supporting other women and hopes to inspire and educate young girls about being their best self. Lauren is also a believer in the power of visualisation in order to manifest your goals, a method that has evidently worked for her career so far. You can catch Lauren in the upcoming episode of Channel 9's 'Murder, Lies and Alibis' as well as the feature film 'Sunkesari'.
  • 15. Beardo Bearington
    Host of 'Beardo's True Stories from Australian History' podcast
    Beardo Bearington (surprisingly not his real name)is the host of the podcast 'Beardo's True Stories from Australian History'. Beardo started out in the industry by following the podcast 'Sweet Feathery Jesus!' and when he decided to troll a fake Italian gangster from Boston, he soon became a regular segment host on their podcast.
  • 18. Matt Vella
    Indie Filmmaker and Co-founder of Western Sydney Filmmakers Hangout
    Matthew Vella is a Western Sydney based filmmaker under his own company Vella Matt Films. By accident, he is also the co-founder of the Western Sydney Filmmakers Hangout which has become a 700 member group of industry people that meet quarterly to have a drink and chat about filmmaking. Matt is also one of the co-hosts on the podcast 'Midnight Double Feature' where he reviews and chats about films both old and new.
  • 16. Catherine Lonsdale
    Vancouver Based Australian Actor
    Catherine Lonsdale is an Australian actor currently based in Vancouver. Cat moved to Canada to pursue work in film, TV and theatre and so is a wealth of knowledge on all the things to know when thinking about moving internationally for your career. She is currently working on 'Last Stand To Nowhere, A Female Western', a very exciting project making waves in the Canadian industry.
  • 17 . Ross Langill
    Third Assistant Director for Hallmark
    Ross Langill is based in Vancouver, Canada and works as a third assistant director in the industry. Ross is currently working on projects for production house 'Hallmark' and is looking to become a director in the future. Ross first started in the industry working under Zach Lipovsky, a major up and coming director, and so his story highlights the importance of networking.
  • 13. Jon Vontolken
    Mental Health Advocate and Creator of 'The Curation of Man'
    Jon Vontolken is an actor and model currently based in Sydney. Jon has struggled with mental health for a large part of his life and is now devoted to helping people who may be going through similar situations. He has recently launched the website 'The Curation of Man' where he posts articles and videos discussing his journey and thoughts in order to inspire improvement, change and growth in others. www.thecurationofman.com Please be advised in this episode we discuss sensitive and possibly triggering topics surrounding mental health.
  • 8. Brendan Byrne
    Founder of Shadow Wolves Productions and Actor/Writer
    Brendan Byrne is a filmmaker and actor based in Western Sydney and is the founder of Shadow Wolves Productions. His short film 'I'm Here Too' has won multiple awards in the festival circuit for it's thought provoking content on teen suicide. He is currently in pre-production for his feature film 'Paid In Blood' which you can watch the teaser for and support at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/horror-feature-film-paid-in-blood#/
  • 9. Ben Mathews
    Acting Coach and Award Winning Director
    Ben Mathews is an acting coach with classes at NIDA, Screenwise, The Hub Studio, AMAW and his own program Acting Mastery. Ben is also an actor and a writer as well as an award winning director for his short film 'Emily', for his series, 'BedHead' and pilot episode, 'Deadbeat Dads'.
  • 10. Hareth Tayem
    Founder of Plus One Management and Model Scout
    Hareth Tayem is the founder and scout of Plus One Management who started his career in the industry as an international model. He is also currently a photographer and actor whilst running his own designer label, Sand The Brand.
  • 7. Ryan Sobolski
    Sydney Based Actor
    Ryan Sobolski is an actor currently based in Sydney, Australia. He is one of the main cast in the new feature film 'Dead Squad' which is set to be released in LA in October 2018.
  • 6. Chelsea Deeley
    East Side Radio Host and Onto It Media Project Manager
    Chelsea Deeley is the Monday morning radio host for East Side Radio as well as the Operations Manager for the station's music festival, Global Rhythms. Chelsea has also created a company with a group of colleagues called Onto It Media, aimed at helping Sydney venues accomodate and promote live music.
  • 5. Emily-Rose Braithwaite
    International Makeup Artist
    Emily-Rose Braithwaite is a makeup and hair stylist from the UK. She currently lives in Sydney working professionally on film and photography productions. She also has her own youtube channel with a range of tutorials outlining her own style of makeup artistry.
  • 4. James Lopes
    Director of Photography
    James Lopes is a director of photography (DOP) who also pitches, directs and edits for his company Arc Shot Media. James is also currently in the process of starting an advertising and marketing company as well as a collaboration company with DOPs around the world.
  • 3. Madi Lee
    National Choreographer
    Madi Lee is an Australian choreographer known for her work on 'Bare' the musical at the Brisbane Powerhouse in early 2018 as well as Chemist Warehouse's recent ad with Kerry Anne Kennerley.
  • 2. Nisrine Amine
    Nisrine Amine is one of the co-founders of Parramatta Actors Centre, an acting school based in Western Sydney. She is also a writer and creator and her film 'Apricot' is available to watch on ABC iview.
    Co-founder of Parramatta Actors Centre
  • 1. James Lundie
    Channel 9 Online Content Producer and Director
    James Lundie is an Online Content Producer for Channel 9 and is also the Executive Producer and Director for his own company, Undisputed Films.