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Hub|Production is the producing arm of the HubStudio. As we grow this important part of the company will give us the ability to create high level productions. Our aim is to build a development and production facility capable of taking seed ideas and turning them into highly successful projects in the areas of VOD, Theatre and Musical Theatre.

The Bench

(In Distribution Phase)

Directed individually The Bench is a snackable feast of eight stand alone, multi-genre short stories set on the same park bench.

  • Format: 8 x 10 Minutes / Video on Demand (VoD)
  • Genres: Thriller, Fantasy Adventure, Period Drama, Sci-fi, Drama, Comedy.
  • Audience Demographic: 25 – 45 Male & Female Australians.
  • Intended Broadcaster: ABC 2 or iView, SBS 2, SBS On-Demand, Netflix. 

Risky Lunar Love 

(Completed 2008)

Produced in 2008 Risky Lunar Love is best described as a tiki sci-fi musical.

The show was developed and produced by 504 Producers the owner of The HubStudio. Through a private capital raising the company was able to deliver a successful remount of the original production at the Carriage Works in Sydney’s Redfern.


(Completed 2017)

7 actresses interview 7 real life mothers from all walks of life about life as a Mother and what it’s really like. Every word spoken on stage is direct from the interviews verbatim – not one word is changed. The actresses with expert accuracy replicate the voices and physicality of the Mothers interviewed.

  • Producers: The HubStudio & Rue de la Rocket
  • Dates: 4th – 13th May 2017
  • Venue: The Forum Theatre, Leichhardt, NSW 2040


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(In BETA 2018)

Haview is a brand new kind of Video Distribution Platform for Australian content creators.

As part of an long term plan, The HubStudio has partnered with Haview to provide a new kind for film distribution for Australian creators and audiences. Built on a revenue split model, Haview’s aim is to create a full service entertainment platform providing the kinds of shows they don’t make anymore, and that you wont see anywhere else.


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